DETAILS: The new main office for L&N Federal Credit Union is a sprawling 3 story new corporate office that was designed with the Credit Unions rich locomotive history in mind. From the logo to the parking lot features, to the railway bridge inspired staircase. It was a challenge for our design team to design some creative systems to highlight and enhance the architectural design of the building. When the facility itself is one of the main recruiting tools, it is imperative the spaces function at the highest degree but without sacrificing atheistic. Between the in-house workout out facility, the numerous outdoor lounge areas, several collaboration areas L&N went above and beyond your average office space.  

A building this size and all its unique features required quite the mechanical and electrical infrastructure to function. The main office required a total of 235 tons for the office areas, not including the dedicated system for the IT Center. The electrical service consisted of a 1,600A, 480V service with a 1 mega watt back up generator. Another challenge for our design team was that not only did the generator need to provide standby back up power for the main office, but two additional existing L&N buildings located on campus.  

The new main office will stand a symbol of L&N Credit Unions commitment to providing a stat of artwork environment for its employees for years and years to come.  

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